Nadja Pelkey

Nadja Pelkey is an artist, writer, curator, and sessional instructor currently based in Windsor, Ontario. Her work has been exhibited in Canada, the United States and abroad. She has contributed catalogue essays, reviews, and criticism to both regional and national publications. In 2014 she was nominated for the Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Arts by senior artist nominee Iain Baxter&. In 2020 her work will be included in the group exhibition Presently, at the Art Gallery of Peterborough, in Peterborough, Ontario. Her series, Shared Air was the subject of an interview and online presentation in Tussle Magazine, NYC, organized by editor Laura Horne Gaul.

Artist Statement

Shared Air is a series of around seventy 11"x14" silver gelatin prints that use a single analog image of the sky between Detroit, Michigan, USA and Windsor, ON, Canada taken during the double event of the global Coronavirus pandemic and wildfires in California obscuring the sky with a haze for weeks. Because of the haze, the analog image reads as flat - the film grain more discernible than anything else. In the darkroom, salvaged glass is used to reflect and refract the image as it is projected onto the paper. The resulting images play with containment, reflection and visibility as analogues to the surrounding political, social and environmental conditions. Although the work appears abstract, in a sense, it is a documentary image. A picture of the sky at a particular point in space and time. Then, through the process in the darkroom which involves positioning sheets of glass, that space gets opened and closed. The action makes new images, and new spaces though the picture projected remains the same.